Creageous Challenge: A Crafty Idea

Our new Creageous campaign has my imagination on high gear, so I jumped at the opportunity to face our Creageous Challenge. This fun blog post dares us to push boundaries and be creative with any design of our choosing. We’re encouraged to pull great ideas from our own passions, so I chose to design a package for my favorite indulgence—coffee.

Brewing up a color palette and design was a careful process. As a volunteer for a non-profit organization in Kenya, I appreciate the beauty of Arabica coffee and what it brings to the Ethiopian economy. My design conveys the warms tones of an African countryside with a cross-cultural coffeehouse twist. The decorative swirls represent the wonderful, rich aroma of a high-quality coffee and the fonts convey a contemporary—yet handcrafted—feel.

I picked the name Crafty Coffee because it describes a product that’s made with skill and delivered in an artful manner. With a background in fine art, illustration and crafting, I have always loved designing for quality, handmade goods.

I can imagine this coffee as part of a line of non-profit products, where each SKU benefits a different group in need. For example, Crafty coffee sales could fund purchasing seeds for women in Sanjweru, Africa to plant and provide food for their families and surrounding community. There’s nothing like being creageous for a cause!

Connie Beecher – Senior Graphic Designer

close up 2
a detail of the package design