Creageous: One Blog, Infinite Ideas

Welcome to our Creageous blog! 

So, you’re probably wondering, what does creageous mean, anyway? Well, in short, it describes courageous creativity—the fuel for flexing those marketing muscles to scale new heights. Creageous thinking is a uniquely innovative mindset that excites, inspires—and in our world–creates cravings.

Our new marketing campaign looks to inspire our clients and employees to ditch tradition in favor of creativity, and challenges them to apply this thinking at work and in everyday life.

So, why be creageous? The proliferation of new brands, private label selections and local options all screaming for attention can leave your brand “lost in the sauce.” Only outstanding brands stand out. Being creageous is the art of finding unexpected angles and positionings that engage buyers and shoppers, capturing greater market share. From national brands like Ball Park Buns, to smaller family-owned brands like Base Culture, creageous brands break the status quo. We work tirelessly to find niche perspectives that make your brand unique, appealing and more memorable than others in your category.

Our creative director, Steven Green, gives this sage advice, “Do not operate in fear—operate from a place of possibility and exploration. Forget the wow factor. People want the whoa factor. You always want to push the limits and surpass expectations. In fact, to surpass the expectation is the expectation.” 

Bold executions that cut through the clutter don’t have to be extreme. “Creageous solutions don’t just mean daring bright colors and outrageous fonts,” explains our president, Paul DePersico. “In a crowd of noisy competitors, the best way to get noticed may be an elegantly simple design that provides an oasis from the sensory overload. Creageous ideas are dependent on the competitive environment around them, making for a complex and wonderful creative challenge. That’s why we’re so enchanted by the possibilities and seek to work with clients that share this same philosophy.”

Here, you’ll see monthly articles about creageous marketing moves, industry trends and a peek into some of our agency’s latest adventures!