Field Trip: Fancy Food Show in the Big Apple

Last month, we went to the Fancy Food Show in New York. They sure weren’t fooling around with the fanciness! From “premiumized” raisins (made from Chardonnay grapes!) to unique jerkies as far as the eye could see, there was much to be discovered. It was hard to miss one 2016 design trend—flat white or cream-colored backgrounds with vibrant splashes of color. Here’s a highlight of brands that did it with a creageous twist!

_LOLEA-Brut (mockup 01)
Photo sourced from Mucho Gazpacho

Mucho Gazpacho certainly caught our eye. Traditionally known as a chilled Spanish soup, this gazpacho is positioned as a “whole vegetable beverage,” competing alongside products like V8 tomato juice as opposed to meal-focused products like Campbell’s Soup-to-Go. This positioning places it in a more approachable environment where shoppers new to gazpacho can feel more comfortable with a trial purchase. Meanwhile, gazpacho lovers will see it as a convenient, on-the-go version of the stuff, (or as one of our copywriters calls it—a GOspacho!)

Photo sourced from Nourish® Snacks

Another kudo goes to Nourish® Snacks. Their sweet and savory energizing snacks have variety names with equally flavorful personalities, like Monkey Love, Holy Habanero and Berry’d Treasure. Having the variety name so prominent in the visual hierarchy is a smart move in the snack category, where unique flavors abound. The playful tone of voice makes healthy snacking fun for all ages!

Photo sourced from Brio®!

The thought of running romance copy on the face panel may intimidate some brands, but not Brio®! This brand of better-for-you ice cream made that bold decision—and kept the design impressively clean while doing so. While the placement of the copy sets it apart in the ice cream aisle, the language is the same cross-SKU, speaking mainly to the health angle of the product. We’d like to see them take it a step further by using the space to speak to the quality flavors and ingredients in each variety. Since the rest of the design does a fabulous job communicating wellness and a “light” nature, there’s an opportunity to use copy that deepens the appetite appeal.

These standout brands demonstrate just a handful of the endless ways that a bit of courage can enhance creative trends. If you want to be creageous at your upcoming trade shows, give us a call!