Our Culture

We’re a group of fun, food-loving, energetic people who spend our days doing what we love—and it shows in our culture.

The Secret Ingredient Behind Our Success Is A Culture of Creativity

Since DePersico Creative opened our doors more than 40 years ago, our team has worked incredibly hard to generate serious results for all our clients—and if our case studies are any indication, we’ve done a pretty great job. But despite our track record of success, we don’t take ourselves too seriously—and we always look for innovative ways to light a creative spark.

Our office is warm, comfortable, and inviting, so our team can feel at home while developing catchy taglines or creating a package design mockup. Plus, we can step outside at any time to listen to the sound of splashing water and get inspired by the sea of dark green trees. Often, the best ideas come to us in nontraditional places, and our team has the freedom to find the most conducive environments to foster creativity.

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Want to know what it’s like to work with our passionate and creative team? We could tell you—but our clients say it better.

We All Share the Same Passion: Food!

One of the biggest perks of being in the food packaging design industry is getting to try all the incredible products we work with. When we’re not pinpointing each unique flavor and coming up with the perfect descriptors for our packaging, we might be in the test kitchen whipping up recipes or at the local grocery store checking out our designs on the shelf.

We don’t leave our passion for food behind when we leave the office each day—you can find most of us in our home kitchens experimenting with unique ingredients or dining in top-rated restaurants to try and find our new favorite dish.

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